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The state of Texas' government has a reputation of imposing harsh penalties for violations of various drug laws. There are many individuals that have made mistakes in the past, and have been convicted of drug crimes in this state, and have therefore suffered dire consequences due to this mistake. While many states are willing to impose less serious penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana, it is important to know that you will receive no such grace from Texas criminal courts. Even for possession of medical marijuana, you could face serious penalties, which is why you must enlist a skilled Dallas drug lawyer as soon as possible if you were arrested.

It is important to know that the state of Texas does not recognize any form of medical marijuana. This means that if you are found to be in possession of marijuana, then even a medical card, or a doctor's note will not defend you from criminal charges. It is crucial that you understand these laws, and that you take the necessary precautions if you are arrested and charged with this crime.

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Charged with a medical marijuana violation in Dallas?

It is vitally important that you contact a Dallas drug crime attorney immediately if you have been arrested and charged with a marijuana crime. There are many serious laws that you will be held against, and there are severe penalties for conviction of a drug crime in this state.

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