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Possession with Intent to Distribute in Dallas

Dallas Drug Possession Attorney

Anyone found in possession of a controlled substance will be severely punished in the state of Texas. The penalties become even more severe, however, when it is proven that the individual was in possession of the drugs with the intention of delivering them to another party. Distributing drugs is punishable as anything from a jail felony and can incur a sentence of 180 days to life. The term of imprisonment depends on the type and amount of the drug in possession.

In order for possession with intent to deliver (PWID) charges to end in a conviction, it must not only be proven that you were in possession of a controlled substance, but that you intended to deliver the drugs to another person. It can be difficult for the prosecution to obtain solid evidence of such intent, which is why you should retain the representation and defense of a skilled Dallas drug crime lawyer.

My firm has successfully handled numerous PWID cases and can fight aggressively against your charges. I also have former experience as a prosecutor, giving me the ability to anticipate your opponent's strategies and moves. Call the Law Office of G. Thayer Williamson as soon as possible to start strengthening your drug crime defense.

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With the counsel and defense of a Dallas drug possession lawyer, you could have your charges reduced to simple possession, or your case could be entirely dismissed. My goal is to obtain the best possible results for every case I handle, which is why I will take the time to hear you out and build your defense from every angle.

As a former municipal judge who regularly attends continuing legal education courses, I have a detailed understanding of all current state and federal drug crime laws.

Contact my offices immediately to ensure that you have competent legal defense when facing charges of possession with intent to distribute.