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Defending Those Facing Drug Possession CHarges in Dallas, TX

The state of Texas is extremely strict when it comes to drug crimes. One area in which a person can face serious penalties is for possession of a dangerous drug. The penalties for drug possession are found in Texas Health & Safety Code § 481.115-118 and § 481.121. For possession of less than 28 grams of a substance found in Penalty Group 4, an offender can face a sentence as small as a class B misdemeanor. For possession of an excessive amount of a substance under Penalty Group 1, however, the individual could face a life sentence.

Illegal substances listed in these Penalty Groups include, but are not limited to, the following:

Defense Strategies For Drug Possession

There are different strategies that can be used to fight charges of drug possession. Perhaps the drugs were planted on your person or property, or you have been accused without proper evidence that you were in possession of any such substance. As an aggressive Dallas drug possession lawyer, I can examine the circumstances of your arrest and help you build a strong defense to fight your charges. My firm can help you avoid a harsh conviction, so call today to speak with a Dallas attorney who can help.

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The Law Office of G. Thayer Williamson is capable of fighting your charges. I have more than 15 years of legal experience, including time as a former prosecutor. With my insightful counsel and representation, you can stay one step ahead of your opponent and prevent a conviction or sentence that you do not deserve.

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