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Federal Conspiracy to Posses and Distribute Methamphetamine

My firm has been privileged to represent one of almost 40 co-defendants in one of the largest Methamphetamine conspiracy cases in last 5 years in the Northern District of Texas. This case involved the trafficking of hundreds of kilograms of Methamphetamine. My client's case has been successfully resolved with a very favorable plea agreement. If my client had proceeded to trial, I would have fought my best, but most likely my client would have received life in prison. Based on the evidence, the Assistant US attorney and law enforcement had overwhelming evidence of my client's guilt. In an effort to avoid a life sentence, I was able to negotiate a very favorable plea agreement for my client. I cannot discuss the specifics, but my client was responsible for possession of almost 20 kilograms of meth. Despite the large amount, my client is looking at a maximum sentence of not more than 20 years. At sentencing, the Federal Judge will determine the sentence that my client will serve.

Federal Court can be a very intimidating process that can result in very severe legal consequences. You should hire an attorney with experience handling drug cases, and drug cases in Federal Court.

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