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Will Marijuana be Legal in Texas?

The short answer is not any time soon. Slowly, States are beginning to legalize and or decriminalize the use and possession of marijuana. However, Texas is a very conservative State and I doubt the citizens of Texas would vote to legalize marijuana in the near future. However, many people no longer that simple marijuana possession should result in incarceration and a criminal record. This attitude has tricked into the Dallas County District Attorney's office. If an individual is a first time offender, the DA's office will generally offer what is called a "memo agreement." The terms of the memo agreement can vary on a case by case basis. Generally, the terms include UA's, and community service. If an applicant successfully complete's the program, all charges are dismissed. Once the charges have been dismissed, the individual can then take steps to have their record cleared. At the end of the day, keeping's one's record clear is usually a client's biggest concern.